Why we need positive teams?

Creating a positive team benefits both the team and the person who leads it.

The business world is filled with challenges, starting with trying to get new ideas, organizations and products off the ground. Of course, having a great team at your service can be a huge asset, and yet keeping that team running smoothly presents its own challenges.

For starters, it’s important to keep your team motivated when times are tough or when your goal looks more like a fantasy than a real possibility. This is just one example of when staying positive is crucial to staying afloat.

One of the big benefits of establishing an optimistic, positive outlook within your team is that everyone benefits, with the group as a whole, as well as each individual, experiencing an increased likelihood of success.

According to a report from Duke University, optimistic individuals have a greater likelihood of succeeding in politics, business and sports.

The benefits of positive thinking extend beyond the workplace as well: the pioneering psychologist John Gottman found that married couples who engaged in five positive interactions for every one negative interaction were much likelier to stay together than the couples who were closer to a one-to-one ratio.
And what about team leaders? Well, they also benefit from the positive workplace environment they help create – and it starts with having devoted team members.

According to the research of organizational expert Wayne Baker, leaders who exude positive energy naturally attract other people. So, if you’re a leader with a vision and you project an aura of optimism and unity, people in your workplace will naturally want to be around you.

As Baker explains, positive-thinking leaders will inevitably attract talented colleagues, rather than other leaders, and these people will likely devote their time willingly to your projects. It’s also likely that they’ll share new information, opportunities and ideas with you before they share them with anyone else.
To put it simply: when the team is thinking positively, everyone wins